Update 18-apr-2018: Thanks to everyone who applied for the 2D environment artist position. At this point we're no longer seeking new applicants. Should we have any additional job opportunities in the future, we'll post about it here and via @SupergiantGames.

~ ~ ~

Our art team is growing! In addition to our contract position for a 3D character artist, we’re seeking a 2D environment artist to join us and help make the worlds of our games more beautiful and atmospheric than ever before. This is an on-site, full-time position at our studio in San Francisco.

From Caelondia to Cloudbank to the Downside, we've transported our players to a variety of vibrant worlds. We want YOU to help us keep us keep going!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the Art Director to create shippable environment assets; from concepting, to painting and integrating into our pipeline, to final polish.
  • Collaborate with Art and Design teams to ‘beautify' maps, levels, and environments in accordance with the creative goals and technical requirements; taking environments from graybox design to final quality.
  • Assisting with marketing and promotional art.
  • Occasionally take on additional art duties as necessary.

About the Candidate:

  • Excellent environment art, with a strong sense of color and composition.
  • Experience with beautification and environmental set dressing.
  • Excellent digital art skills with an appreciation for traditional mediums.
  • Love for environmental worldbuilding, able to execute on isometric tilesets.
  • A distinct creative voice with ability to execute across a spectrum of styles.
  • Organized, responsible, and able to work autonomously.
  • Effective at and open-minded about communicating, learning, and teaching.
  • Effective at creatively and collaboratively problem solving.
  • Must be proficient in Photoshop. Experience with map editing tools a plus.

What we Offer:

  • Competitive salary.
  • Benefits: Health, dental, vision, and 401(k). Generous vacation policy.
  • Creative, open office in a great neighborhood.

To apply, please send an email to jobs@supergiantgames.com with the subject line "2D Environment Artist". Include a link to your portfolio as the first line, and your resume in the body of the email (no attachments please). Please provide a brief description of the following:

  1. What are your artistic inspirations?
  2. What changes might you make to improve the visual experience of one of our past titles?
  3. Your power animal. What is it?!

Please be aware that a paid art test may be requested as part of the evaluation process for the position. We will be accepting applications for this position until April 3, and will follow up with prospective candidates by mid-April.

February 15 2018

Happy Year of the Dog!

The Year of the Dog is off to a rollicking start for us here at Supergiant! We've got a couple of exciting new items plus a bit of news to mark the occasion.

Pyre Dog Hoodie

First, by EXTREMELY POPULAR DEMAND, we’re pleased to present the official Pyre Dog Hoodie. This high-quality garment is embroidered with the Eight Stars of the Rites, and sports the distinctive colors of the venerable Nightwings. Available in a variety of sizes. Visit our Pyre Dog Hoodie Store Page for more!

Pyre Original Soundtrack Triple LP Set

Next is something that’ll be a real treat for any fan of Pyre's critically acclaimed musical score. The vinyl edition of the Pyre Original Soundtrack by Darren Korb is a triple LP set in a beautiful tri-fold jacket with original artwork by Supergiant’s art director, Jen Zee. Visit our Pyre Soundtrack Triple LP Store Page for more on that one! And stay tuned for more Pyre merch later this year.

Pyre in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale

For good measure, right now you can pick up Pyre for 50% off during Steam's Lunar New Year Sale! We were happy to hear from many new players across the world over the holidays. We love hearing about your unique stories and relationships formed through the game.

New Accolades for Pyre

We're honored to see Pyre continue to be recognized in a variety of year-end award features, on top of all the accolades the game received last year:

Nominated for Sprite Award -- D.I.C.E. Awards
Honorable Mention for Innovation Award -- Game Developers Choice Awards
#5 Spot in Top 10 Games of 2017 -- Totalbiscuit
Nominated for Best RPG -- Hardcore Gamer
Nominated for Best Indie Game, Best Music -- NY Game Critics Circle Awards
Best Unconventional or Hybrid RPG -- RPG Fan
Most Original Game -- RPGGamer.com
Nominated for Best Emotional Game Design -- Emotional Games Awards
Best Sports Game -- ResetEra Games of the Year Awards 2017
Best Original Gameplay Design -- New Game Network

See You Soon!

We’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead, and keeping plenty busy figuring out our next move. Our team's also been making the rounds these days since we're between projects -- for instance, Amir our studio director will be hosting a roundtable at D.I.C.E. on the subject of effective creative collaboration, and Camilo our 3D modeler and animation will be giving a GDC talk on building and animating characters in Transistor and Pyre. As for what's next for us, we promise to tell you all about it just as soon as we're ready!

On behalf of all twelve of us here at Supergiant, we wish you a happy holiday season. Thank you for playing our games and for all your support!

This was an important year for us, as we launched our third game, Pyre, after three years of development. If you or a friend haven't tried it yet, right now you can get great deals on all our games!

Holiday Deals on Games & Merchandise

Pyre on Steam (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 50% off!
Pyre on PlayStation 4 -- 50% off!
Transistor on Steam (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 75% off!
Transistor on PS4 -- 75% off!
Transistor on GOG (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 75% off!
Transistor on the App Store (iPhone / iPad / Apple TV) -- just $1.99!
Bastion on Steam (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 75% off!
Bastion on PS4 -- 75% off!
Bastion on Xbox One -- 40% off!
Bastion on GOG (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 75% off!
Bastion on the App Store (iPhone / iPad) -- just $0.99!

Pyre 'Black Magic' Art Print -- new item in our online shop!

Recent Accolades for Pyre

Pyre met with some of the highest critical acclaim of any of our games at launch, and more recently, we've felt honored and humbled to see it earn its way into various Game of the Year discussions, such as these:

Nominated for Best PC Game, Best Art Direction, Best Story, and Most Innovative -- IGN Best of 2017
Game of the Year 2017 Editor's Spotlight Awards -- GameSpot
25 Best Games of the Year -- Slant Magazine
The 50 Best Games of 2017 -- Polygon
The Top 10 Games of the Year -- Gamasutra
The Best Video Game Music of 2017 -- Kotaku
The 10 Best Video Game Moments of 2017 -- Vulture
The 10 Best Games of 2017 -- Newshub
Top 5 Best PC Games of 2017 -- Future Game Releases
Nominated for Best Independent Game -- The Game Awards

We want to make games that stick with folks in a positive way long after they're finished playing, so we're grateful to see Pyre come up for consideration at the end of a year that's been positively brimming with outstanding games.


Pyre's success also means we get to keep going as a small independent studio, and keep doing what we love. Our foremost goal with each game we make is for it to do well enough that we can stick together as a team, and push forward in our quest to keep making games that spark your imagination like the games you played as a kid. We're grateful to have another shot at creating something like that, and excited to delve into the new year as we figure it out. We hope you'll join us for whatever we come up with next!

Pyre now features full text translations in simplified Chinese, Russian, French, German, and Spanish! This is an automatic update for the Steam version. The PlayStation 4 version will be updated in early 2018.

We’re grateful to our players around the world for their patience and support on what we knew would be a much bigger and more complex translation project than we've done for our previous games. In addition to having a much larger word count than Bastion or Transistor, Pyre’s interactive narrative means there are hundreds of millions of possible content combinations to consider in the translation process.

We hope this new update means many more of you out there will be able to fully enjoy our latest adventure. Thank you for playing Pyre!

Since the launch of Pyre back in July, we've been taking stock of all the wonderful response and feedback from players around the world, as well as getting busy figuring out what's next! By way of saying thank-you to everyone who's supported the game, we're pleased to announce a free update and bonus soundtrack, available now on Steam! The update is also available on PlayStation 4.

Enjoy a new way to play the Campaign, and two hours of bonus music!

About the 'True Nightwing' Update

The centerpiece of our latest update is a new Campaign mode that's unlocked after you reach the end of the Campaign (if you've already finished the Campaign, it should be unlocked automatically).

Reminiscent of an 'Ironman' mode in other games, this new way to play really amps up the challenge, and emphasizes many of the unique aspects of Pyre's campaign -- notably in how the story has no 'Game-Over' state, and keeps moving forward, taking your choices and outcomes into account.

It's designed to enhance playing through the Campaign successive times, whether you want to visit your favorite characters again, or experience all the many millions of event combinations in a whole new way.

Some of the specific changes in this mode:

· Base difficulty same as Heightened.
· All Titan Stars unlocked, and some must be used.
· Enlightenment required to rank up re-scaled.
· Cannot load checkpoints or restart Rites.
· Book of Rites and White Lute fully unlocked.
· Slugmarket inventory fully unlocked.
· Feats of Glory introduced much sooner.
· Note: Once chosen, this setting cannot be changed.

Many of the early tutorials are skippable so you can get into the meat of the action more quickly, and develop brand-new strategies around how to outfit your exiles, and how to take on your many adversaries. Steam version: Complete the story in this mode, and earn a new Steam Achievement!

ALSO! Introducing the Pyre Original Soundtrack Bonus Album Set

In addition to the new mode, we're pleased to add more than two hours of extra music to the Pyre Original Soundtrack, in the form of two bonus albums.

The Lone Minstrel and the Gate Guardian have some more songs to share.

· Pyre: Original Soundtrack - The White Lute features acoustic versions of many of the signature tracks from the game (they're the versions you hear using the White Lute item in the wagon).

· Pyre: Original Soundtrack - The Black Mandolin features eight unique variations of the song 'Never to Return', for each of the different triumvirates you confront in the Rites!

If you purchased the soundtrack, you'll automatically receive these bonus albums as a free update. You can also stream them for free on our YouTube channel and other streaming services.

Pyre Merchandise in our Online Store!

In case you missed it, we're also now offering a Pyre T-shirt and 24" x 36" Poster in our online store! Follow the links for more info on each item.

We ship these and all our store items worldwide, straight from our San Francisco studio.

* * *

We hope you enjoy the True Nightwing update, and we really appreciate all your support of Pyre.