March 13 2010

More Press Coverage!

Additional announcements of our existence keep coming in, this time from Gamasutra, Edge Online,, Worth Playing and Industry Gamers.

Thanks everyone for your coverage and interest - we'll be announcing our game at a later time! Until then...this is our highly professional network setup. In the kitchen. Across the doorway. In a closet. On a box.

Supergiant Network!

Yeah, that's the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. What about it?

March 12 2010

Our First Press!

Today we received our first press coverage from a few sites: Big Download, BluesNews, Joystiq, GamersCom and Aperture Games. We appreciate the interest in our studio and we'll be revealing more about the game we're working on in the coming weeks!

We don't have any game media available to show yet, but we do have these pictures of prototype versions of the Supergiant Cookie some of which you can spot in the wild at GDC 2010.

Supergiant Cookie!

Black and white logo!


We're Supergiant Games, an independent game studio in the Bay Area. We're former EALA developers who quit our jobs in 2009 to move into a house together and make games. We're working on a game for digital download platforms that we hope to release in 2011. If you're around GDC 2010, we'd love to have you play it and get your opinion on it. We'll have Supergiant Cookies to give out and normal size business cards.

- Amir