Giant Bomb continues its pre-PAX coverage of Bastion with an exclusive reveal of our official trailer for the game, plus a brand-new slew of screenshots from the build we'll be showing later this week!

To coincide with this, we've just launched our Bastion Media Page, featuring our official trailer plus eight screenshots in full-HD glory. These screens are the real deal, taken straight out of the silky-smooth playable sequence we'll be letting people get their hands on at PAX.

So have a look at all this Bastion madness and if you're planning to go to PAX this week, be sure to come visit us to experience the game for yourself! There's still more news in store this week leading up to the big show, so keep your eyes peeled. And let us know what you think!

The good men at Giant Bomb ran a story on Bastion's forthcoming debut at PAX Prime this week: Exclusive Glimpse at a PAX 10 Selection. As you'll glean from the story, there's going to be lots more to come...! The article features a never-before-seen screenshot of the game. To the dude who posted the comment, "Wow, if that's a screenshot and not a mock-up, then I really want to see it in action!" -- we can confirm that's a 100% pure screenshot taken straight out of the game at its native full HD resolution, from the sequence we'll be showing at PAX. The game looks at least as good in action since it runs silky smooth! But now we're getting ahead of ourselves. Stay tuned!

August 28 2010

PAX 10 Incoming

We've been radio-silent in recent weeks but behind the scenes it's been a wild and exciting lead-up to the upcoming debut of our first game, Bastion. Our whole team's been heads-down putting the finishing touches on our first production level, which will be playable at PAX Prime starting Friday, September 3. So get ready for a slew of info about what we've been working on for the past year. We're so happy to get to unveil what we've been working on at a place like PAX, where people will get to experience it firsthand and tell us what they think. Expect lots more news from us this week, and if you're going to the show, be sure to drop by and visit us at the PAX 10 floorspace. Until then, we leave you with a small sample of one of the many scenes we've created for this game.

July 15 2010

We're in the PAX10!

We're excited to announce that we got into the PAX10 and that we'll be at PAX Prime 2010 in September!  We'll join nine other independent games that were hand-picked by a panel of judges to be showcased at the event. We'll be revealing more information about our game leading up to PAX. We hope to see you guys there, so you can get hands-on with the game.


Thank you to the judges and Penny Arcade for selecting us!

July 13 2010

We Hired An Artist!

We're super excited to welcome Jen Zee to Supergiant Games to be our artist! She joined us in June and came to us from Gaia Online. She's does all the hand-painted 2D art work in our game and 100% of the cosplaying that happens outside of our house.

Her talents include creating beautiful, lovingly crafted art and fighting Akumas. We're really lucky to have her!

Jen as Sakura

I am trying to get her to play in my D&D campaign. I think she might also be a nerd, but I'm not sure yet. What do you guys think?

~ Amir