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Happy Holidays from Supergiant!

By Greg Kasavin December 22 2017

On behalf of all twelve of us here at Supergiant, we wish you a happy holiday season. Thank you for playing our games and for all your support!

This was an important year for us, as we launched our third game, Pyre, after three years of development. If you or a friend haven't tried it yet, right now you can get great deals on all our games!

Holiday Deals on Games & Merchandise

Pyre on Steam (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 50% off!
Pyre on PlayStation 4 -- 50% off!
Transistor on Steam (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 75% off!
Transistor on PS4 -- 75% off!
Transistor on GOG (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 75% off!
Transistor on the App Store (iPhone / iPad / Apple TV) -- just $1.99!
Bastion on Steam (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 75% off!
Bastion on PS4 -- 75% off!
Bastion on Xbox One -- 40% off!
Bastion on GOG (Windows / Mac / Linux) -- 75% off!
Bastion on the App Store (iPhone / iPad) -- just $0.99!

Pyre 'Black Magic' Art Print -- new item in our online shop!

Recent Accolades for Pyre

Pyre met with some of the highest critical acclaim of any of our games at launch, and more recently, we've felt honored and humbled to see it earn its way into various Game of the Year discussions, such as these:

Nominated for Best PC Game, Best Art Direction, Best Story, and Most Innovative -- IGN Best of 2017
Game of the Year 2017 Editor's Spotlight Awards -- GameSpot
25 Best Games of the Year -- Slant Magazine
The 50 Best Games of 2017 -- Polygon
The Top 10 Games of the Year -- Gamasutra
The Best Video Game Music of 2017 -- Kotaku
The 10 Best Video Game Moments of 2017 -- Vulture
The 10 Best Games of 2017 -- Newshub
Top 5 Best PC Games of 2017 -- Future Game Releases
Nominated for Best Independent Game -- The Game Awards

We want to make games that stick with folks in a positive way long after they're finished playing, so we're grateful to see Pyre come up for consideration at the end of a year that's been positively brimming with outstanding games.


Pyre's success also means we get to keep going as a small independent studio, and keep doing what we love. Our foremost goal with each game we make is for it to do well enough that we can stick together as a team, and push forward in our quest to keep making games that spark your imagination like the games you played as a kid. We're grateful to have another shot at creating something like that, and excited to delve into the new year as we figure it out. We hope you'll join us for whatever we come up with next!

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