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Bastion: New Boxed Edition!

By Greg Kasavin July 27 2018

Well this one sure took us long enough, seeing as Bastion just celebrated its seventh birthday on July 20! But, from the better-late-than-never department, we're pleased to announce this beautiful new boxed edition of our very first game! Pre-order today for the PlayStation 4 or PS Vita.

This isn't the final packaging but it should be pretty close!

We're grateful to the folks at Limited Run Games for collaborating with us on this latest version. The game itself is identical to what's available for download on the respective platforms -- it's the recipient of more than 100 industry awards, and to date it's sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. And now, you can have it in a physical box for posterity, complete with a brand-new, jam-packed, full-color instruction booklet we created exclusively for this release.

Here's an excerpt from the all-new instruction manual for Bastion.

We're connoisseurs of classic game instruction manuals here at Supergiant, so it was a real pleasure to get to design one in the spirit of the booklets we grew up reading cover-to-cover.

To those who've been asking us for a physical edition of Bastion over the years, thank you for all your interest and support, and we hope you love the result! And, happy seventh birthday to our first game!!

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